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Visualizing Phylogenetic Trees by Spring-Embedder ModelsLin, Yaw-Ling; Yu, Po-Shun2008-11-11T08:03:06Z
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Mapping Using Multi-Layer Unique MarkersHsu, Fang Rong; Shia, Wei-Chung2008-11-11T08:23:18Z
Finding Homologous Sequences in Genomic DatabasesLee, Hsiao Ping; Sheu, Tzu Fang; Tsai, Yin Te; Tang, Chuan Yi2008-11-11T08:41:00Z
Improved Probabilistic Micropayment SchemeYen, Sung-Ming; Chen, Chien-Ning; Lin, Hsi-Chung; Wu, Jui-Ming; Lin, Chih-Ta2008-11-12T06:42:19Z
New Efficient Password Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol for Imbalanced Wireless NetworksHsu, Chien-Lung; Lin, Wen-Te; Chou, Yen-Chun2008-11-11T07:29:34Z
Ontological Intelligent Agent for Impulse Noise RemovalLee, Chang-Shing; Wang, Mei-Hui; Hsu, Chin-Yuan2008-11-11T07:06:03Z
Models of Assistant Agents for Older AdultsLin, Cheng-Min; Dow, Chyi-Ren; Chen, Khong-Ho; Lai, Tsen-Fen2008-11-11T06:59:59Z
Light-Weight Authentication and Key Exchange Protocols with Forward Secrecy for Digital HomeFan, Chun-I; Chiang, Tsung-Pin; Hsu, Ruei-Hau2008-11-11T07:52:54Z
A New Routing Static Information Protection Protocol on Ad Hoc NetworkKuo, Wen-Chung; Chen, Jing-Hung; Laih, Chi-Sung2008-11-11T07:56:44Z
The Better Alignment among Output AlignmentsTseng, Kuo-Tsung; Yang, Chang-Biau; Huang, Kuo-Si2008-11-11T08:51:59Z
The Design of a Novel E-cash System with the Fairness Property and Its Implementation in Wireless CommunicationsWang, Chih-Hung; Chiang, Wei-Ming2008-11-11T07:46:26Z
Detecting Denial of Service Attacks in Sensor NetworksLai, Gu Hsin; Chen, Chia-Mei2008-11-11T09:00:44Z
類別內的文件 (依上傳日期由降冪排序排序): 從 21 到 32 筆,總共 32 筆