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On Construction and Performance Evaluation of Multiple Linux PC Clusters Using NAT MechanismYang, Chao-Tung; Liao, Chun-Sheng2008-11-11T07:10:38Z
Off-Line Micro Payment Scheme with Dual SignatureWuu, Lih-Chyau; Chen, Kuang-Yi; Lin, Chih-Ming2008-11-11T06:29:17Z
An Experimental Approach to Constructing and Enhancing a PC Cluster System for Scalable Network ServicesChang, Yi-Hsing; Chen, J. Wey2008-11-11T07:16:29Z
Efficient and Portable Digital Rights Management for Preserving User Privacy Using Smart CardsChen, Hsing-Bai; Lee, Wei-Bin2008-11-11T06:22:24Z
A Server-aided Signature Scheme Based on Secret Sharing for Mobile CommerceChen, Chin-Ling; Liu, Ling-Chun; Horng, Gwoboa2008-11-11T06:42:13Z
A Secure and Private LBS Protocol on Mobile Communication NetworkChen, Yu-Yi; Hsiao, Shin-Yi2008-11-11T06:35:45Z
Enhancing Resolution Using Iterative Back-Projection Technique for Image SequencesLin, Guo-Shiang; Lai, Min-Kuan2008-11-11T07:42:17Z
Strategies of Proactive (k, n) Threshold Secret Sharing and Applications in a Secure Message Exchange SystemWang, Shiuh-Jeng; Tsai, Yuh-Ren; Chen, Pin-You2008-11-11T06:33:12Z
Design and Application of Batch Verification Scheme on Internet E-Voting SystemsLai, Wen-Shen; Lin, Chu-Hsing; Chang, Jen-Chieh; Hsu, Ruei-Hau; Chou, Mei-Chun2008-11-11T06:38:23Z
Comparisons of Stereoscopic Viewing Devices in Digital Dental StereoradiographyWu, Hsien-Huang P.; Lin, Chien-Chih; Chen, Soon-Lin; Weng, Ping-Kuo; Wu, Ying-Yih2008-11-11T07:36:44Z
A Power Efficient Scheduling Mechanism for an IEEE 802.11 Multiple Rate Ad Hoc NetworkChu, Weikuo; Tseng, Yu-Chee2008-11-11T07:21:33Z
Anti-malicious Injection Based on Meta-programsLin, Jin-Cherng; Chen, Jan-Min2008-11-11T06:26:43Z
A Street Scene Surveillance System for Moving Object Detection,Tracking and ClassificationLin, Huei-Yung; Wei, Juang-Yu2008-11-11T07:39:13Z
Geometric Measures of Distance between Two Pitch Contour SequencesLin, Hwei-Jen; Wu, Hung-Hsuan; Kao, Yang-Ta2008-11-11T07:18:59Z
Applying PSP to Support Teaching of Programming CoursesLiu, Chien-Hung; Chen, Shu-Ling; Wu, Chia-Jung2008-11-11T07:44:47Z
A Robust Visual Surveillance System Based on an Omnidirectional Vision SensorLin, Huei-Yung; Wang, Ming-Liang; Huang, Chi-Chang2008-11-11T07:27:34Z
Incorporation of GIS, Grid Computing and RFID into National Health Information Federation toward Seamless Infectious Disaster ManagementChen, Yenming J.; Wang, Wen-Liang2008-11-11T07:00:16Z
Resource Topology Aware GridSim: A Step AheadRehman, Attiqa; Qureshi, Kalim; Manuel, Paul; Rashid, Haroon2008-11-11T07:07:42Z
Ringing Artifacts Reduction using Adaptive Morphological filter for JPEG2000Wang, Chuen-Ching; Hwang, Ching Biao2008-11-11T07:31:57Z
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