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dc.contributor.otherChih-Cheng Yang
dc.description.abstract「國家安全」之要務乃在於保障國家領土、人民及其財產免於受攻擊;以及消除國家政治體制和公民價值結構的外在威脅。隨著人類文明的進化及科技的快速進展,國家安全的概念已從過去強調外在因素的直接威脅,逐漸轉化到重視從內部來的安全威脅,包括許多內發性及外發性的內部不穩定因素。_x000D_ 半世紀以來,中共對台政策的指導原則是「關於祖國的統一,將寄希望於台灣當局,也寄希望於台灣人民 」。然而,在過去一段時期,中共的統一理論幾乎都是把重點擺在「寄希望於台灣當局」,也就是建立在「如何把兩個分立的政府『整合』為一個政府」--「整合理論」。_x000D_ 可是,這種依據「寄希望於台灣當局」的對台戰略方針,在民進黨正式執政之後,證明徹底失敗;不僅對「祖國統一」沒有絲毫的進展,就連「一個中國」的立場都被推翻,半世紀來的對台工作簡直是倒退到幾乎被完全否定。所謂「事實是檢驗真理的唯一標準」,儘管中共仍維持「和平統一」的基調,但也同時確立戰術路線必須改弦更張的認識,把重點轉移到「寄希望於台灣人民」上面;在「統一理論」方面,將放棄「整合理論」,重新拾回過去的「革命理論」。具體的戰略方針就是「和平統一戰線」及「解放台灣人民」;至於戰術的工作就擺在「設法打掉兩岸之間有形和無形的疆界」,讓大陸的影響力以明的或暗的方式登陸台灣,徹底從政治、經濟、心理各層面交互轉化。而最近所顯現的機會即「兩岸三通」及「兩岸都加入 WTO」。_x000D_ 另一方面,台灣正值政黨輪替,由於新政府缺乏執政經驗及缺乏充分的執政準備,國家發展的推動一直未能順利。值此之時,中共又持續從不同的方向施壓,對台灣而言,可以說是內外交迫、情境窘迫。處此窘況之下,台灣也不得不表達一定程度的善意,如戒急用忍政策的調整、小三通、大三通及各種開放政策等。_x000D_ 然而,應困、應急的開放政策無異是把兩個獨立政體的對抗情勢,轉化為單一體系內的革命型態,等於是被吸入其體系內,然後再任其「和平演變」一樣,剛好迎合了中共「和平統一戰線」及「解放台灣人民」的戰略,即符合中共「統一理論」的革命形勢。我們如果不能儘速深入探討其理論,並研究反制的理論,將無法形成反制的行動,我國家安全顯然堪慮也。
dc.subject.othernational security
dc.subject.othertheory of integration
dc.subject.othertheory of revolution
dc.subject.otherliberation of people
dc.subject.otherpeaceful unification
dc.title.alternativeStudies on the ROC National Security from Domestic Perspectives in the New Era
dc.description.translationabstractNational security is meant for protecting national boundaries、people and their wealth from attack, and to relieve external threats of national polity and value systems. However, in a new ages, its idea will shift from a focus on direct threats from outside to that on threats from within, including internal instability from within and from without. _x000D_ It has been half century since the communist Chinese set a guideline of the Taiwan policy as to attribute Chinese unification both to Taiwan authorities and _x000D_ people. Despite that, they have implemented the policy to focus on persuasion of the Taiwan authorities during the Nationalists (KMT) on power. Therefore, the theory of unification by the Chinese authorities had been set on a hypothesis of how to integrate two separated governments to a united one. _x000D_ In reality, the tactics as mentioned has proven to be ineffective when the DDP seized power in Taiwan. Although the guideline of “peaceful” unification is still valid, tactics of the policy would shift its work to focus on Taiwanese people. Following the change, the theory of unification also changes its hypothesis from that of integrating two governments to that of revolution from within; the major task is to dismantle _x000D_ visible and invisible boundaries between the two political unities cross the Taiwan Strait for landing of Chinese influences, politically, economically and psychologically. A significant opportunity for this is that both Taiwan and China were accepted to become member of World Trade Organization (WTO). _x000D_ On the other side, according to Marxism and Leninism, communist revolution should be implemented through the following steps: first, establishment of organizations for revolution; second, setting strategic plan of organizational actions; third, integrating powers of revolution through functions of the Fifth Troop of Vanguard. The major task of the Fifth Troop of Vanguard is to cause coups against the existing political regime: in regular time, it usually does the long-term delitescence, and is engaged in to permeate for intelligence report collections; diverges the _x000D_ antinomy of social classes; carries on recessive social breakages and subversion of current political regime etc.. As time is propitious, it will launch guerrilla wars in cities, render assistances into the regular war and finally establish a new communist power.

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