題名: 台中市潮洋溪環境與周邊營造
其他題名: Taichung City Chao Yang stream ambient construction
作者: 黃昱霖
關鍵字: 營造
Hydrophile and Protection Flood
Sensitive Land Use Districts
系所/單位: 都市計畫與空間資訊學系, 建設學院
電子工程學系, 資訊電機學院
摘要: 進行環境規劃之前,擬出調查目的與範圍,並以製作主題圖資的方式,了解調查地區。而本組也先行蒐集並瀏覽範圍內與周遭的相關發展計畫與法令等部分。接著透過實地調查記錄潮洋溪與周遭的各項基本資料,分析潮洋溪周遭建設對環境是否有實質幫助,探討其優缺點並改善。各國對於河川使用分區規劃,有著不同的標準,因此本組將使用分區分成保護型、教育型、休憩型、活動型,再與原始型、鄉野型、村鎮型、都市型相互配對,形成十六種分類,方便未來規劃與分類。 本組蒐集了台北市虎山溪、美國德州哈里斯郡、美國蒙大拿州金寶溪流域、美國大辛普森河、長崎縣本明川、北海道幌內川等國外案例,參考國外採取的工法並融合潮洋溪當地現況,經本組討論後,決定採用樁木柴梱柵、砌石固床工、洪水貯留空間,不僅可用來美化潮洋溪的周遭環境,也能增加河川生態的多樣性,並提供良好的親水環境。而其他的工法如:圓木堰、樹木枝幹護岸等,則因台灣的河流湍急,圓木堰不易成形,故不採用。而本組的營造策略,為在河川周遭鋪設植草磚、植生土,整治汙水系統、礫間接觸氧化法等方法讓河川的水質淨化,在河道中設置生物棲地增加河川生態多樣性,達到復育、綠化河川的效果,將潮洋溪塑造成親水防洪能力俱佳的河川環境。 總體而論,河川總體規劃方面,也必須以國土資源之角度,對於上游或各河段具珍貴特殊生物棲地重要性、人文歷史考古重要性、自然地形景觀重要性以及溪流種類資源豐富與生育棲息敏感河段等,亦應與已劃設為河川生態敏感區,並與合理之緩衝帶保護,達到永續發展的理念。
Before carrying on an environment programme, draw up to investigate purpose and scope with manufacture topic diagram property of way so that understand to investigate a region.And our team also collect related Information and browse inside the scope with whole related parts in advance, such as development project and ordinance...etc. We not only recorded tide ocean through the on-site inspection river and each whole basic datas, analyze tide ocean river whole construction to environment whether have substantial help but also discuss its advantage and disadvantage so that we can improvement.All countries divide into an area programme to the river use and have different standard, therefore my group will use a cent to classify into a protection type, education type, stop and rest a type, movable type, again and original type, country wild type, village type and city the type form couples mutually and form 16 kinds of classifications, the convenience will plan and categorize in the future. Our team collected Taipei City tiger mountain river , the United States Texas admire a mile of Si county , the United States Gold treasure river in Montana,the United States big Simpson's river and originally clear river in Japan and Chuan inside the Huang in Japan etc..at the same time , we reference to the abroad work method and we combine work method with the Chao Yang stream local after our team discussion them.Our team decided to adopt an adoption stake firewood Kun grid, carve a stone the solid bed work and flood store to stay space.Not only we can use to around the Chao Yang stream so well, but also we can increase river ecosystem. Besides we provide to close to water environment goodly .And other work methods as circle the wood embankment, tree branch and trunk protect shore etc., Because the river of Taiwan is flowing rapidly, the circle wood embankment doesn't easily take shape so we not adopt it.And our team of construction strategy, in order to plant grass brick , plant to get soil in the river whole pavings, the whole fluid matter decontamination that cure sewage system and Li to indirectly touch to oxidize methods,etc.., We can increase river ecosystem diverse sex by setting up habitats so that reach instauration and green turn the effect of river .Let the Chao Yang stream become close water and flood control environment well. Overall, the river programme, with the point of view national territory resource, is very importance of the rare animal;humanities history and natural geography environmentor each river natural resoural and special living creature the importance and rivulet category resource enriches...etc.,we should plan the river ecosystem sensitive area, and with reasonable of the buffer bring a protection and reach the principle of sustainable development.
日期: 2015-05-31T05:50:29Z
學年度: 102學年度第二學期
開課老師: 蘇惠珍
課程名稱: 河川環境營造
系所: 水利工程與資源保育學系, 建設學院

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